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FORMS OF PAYMENT – We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Credit card orders are accepted via our secure online shopping cart only. For your security we require the billing address that matches the billing address on the credit card statement. We also require the CVV code from the back of your card (front of card for American Express). We verify this information thoroughly with the issuing credit card company. Please contact us at 773-309-2008 for details. All discounts must be applied at the time of order. No discounts will be processed after an order has been submitted.

CHARGEBACKS/DISPUTES – Please contact us prior to making any chargeback or dispute to your credit card company. Issues can usually be resolved by speaking to a representative.

PURCHASE ORDERS – RobotCity Workshop accepts Purchase Orders from recognized educational institutions and established corporate entities. Shipping addresses must be a verifiable corporate or school shipping address. We will NOT ship to home addresses when purchase orders are used. Purchase Orders must be generated on formal letterhead and can be emailed as a pdf attachment, or mailed. We do not accept verbal POs.

LATE PAYMENTS- Late payments of invoices will incur a $25 late fee or 10% of order amount (whichever is greater). We offer up to 30 day terms. Invoices not paid within 60 days will incur a further penalty of 18% interest. Any invoice not paid within 90 days will be sent to a collection agency. In addition to the preceding penalties, customer is responsible for all charges associated with the collection of the unpaid invoice.